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I have never been to Paris and enjoyed your perspective which is different than what is generally given. Maybe someday... :D The pictures are good, too. Thanks, Melissa.

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I haven't been to Paris in quite a few years now, but I did enjoy walking around and taking transit. The Seine is, of course, somewhere with a real sense of place, and it's possible to just do the flaneur thing for unlimited amounts of time.

I also hear that the farther-out banlieues are full of dense residential towers and may be less livable than the centre. Haven't quite been there though.

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I have only transited through Paris international airport where I found a luggage trolley with rubber wheels and a large chunk of hair and dust trapped in the wheel well. I realized as I walked around that it was accumulating a sizeable electric charge and would regularly zap me when I would touch the metal part of the cart. I probably also ate at least one chocolate croissant there.

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