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As I mentioned on Twitter in response to a tweet by Brooklin Wallis (apologies if I have their name/pronouns wrong, that website is as broken and mangled as a child's toy at this point), the laws and by-laws are meaningless, whether it be harassment or human rights violations. The only desires which get fulfilled and acted upon are those of whites. Those who aren't white and haven't succumbed to the abusive attempts of inflicting suffering until a conversion to christianity is "chosen" as an attempt to end the torture, have no meaningful rights nor privileges, regardless of anything which may occur, no matter how traumatizing, dehumanizing and damaging. Regardless of the trauma, we are still expected to consume an endless supply of medication to force our broken, weary bodies into a state of delusional health such that we may continue to supply our labor, with no expectations of any kind of protection for our human rights, with nobody bothering to document any of our suffering, unless we were to heal ourselves and document all of what we have experienced for ourselves. Justice would still not exist.

I venerate and praise Lord Buddha Shakyamuni everyday for a set of knowledge which is in a class of its own, which can be practiced and implemented by 1 lone individual, even if they are completely ostracized & totally isolated. Even when white supremacy and brahminical patriarchy attempted to abuse us into not having a choice of whether to reject racism, colorism, sexism, casteism. While there is not one person around to recognize our true suffering, in spite of the deluge of supposedly religious spaces, we could continue on our peaceful, non-violent struggle to implement Right Livelihood even if the whole world full of liars fell ill with a virus that spreads when one opens their mouth.

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