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Thank you for this piece, Melissa. And especially for your well-crafted delegation. I concur with all you noted in that delegation and remain so disappointed that police service’s seeks so much money while our much under-funded social services go without. It disgusts me, actually.

I don’t know how to convince the PSB or council of this fact though, which is frustrating when it seems so obvious just by looking at the many social services in our region who are continually trying to fundraise. And the fact that neither can grasp the easy and proven concept that it is cheaper and more beneficial to try to solve issues upstream than after problems have occurred is mind-boggling.

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Thanks, Melissa, I fully agree with your well-crafted delegation. Timing of consultations, lack of critical voices on the board, and investment in preventative services rather than increasing the police budget, are all my own concerns. I'm shocked to see the Youth priority column, I thought the community already agreed this is not effective?

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I have experienced harassment in late 2016, I called the non-emergency police number. In spite of the harm caused that night, calling the police only made things worse. I find it completely reasonable to assume that the uncalled for behavior was calculated to result in a phonecall to the police, and traumatization (or worse) at the hands of the police, who would never be held to account by a dark-skinned individual with zero proximity to any system of privilege. I was physically assaulted while engaged in PEACEFUL WALKING MEDITATION on September 3rd 2022, I did nothing about while carrying items with which I might defend myself, taking full responsibility for any of my actions carried out in self-defense at the level of kamma accrued which may manifest in any future rebirth.

As a peaceful, non-violent, anti-casteist student of Buddhadhamma, I am disgusted and repulsed by this city/region/province/country and how it seems to be perfectly capable of recognizing cause/effect where white supremacist projects such as Physics or Mathematics is concerned, but completely incapable of recognizing and respecting the Buddhist teachings on the Twelve Links of Co-Dependant Origination when the suffering of human beings is the concern. I find living in this city which I have been migrated to so absolutely lacking in any positive, worthwhile value that I meditate every day on ensuring that I can secure safe passage to a monastery at which to formalize my renunciation of all worldly desires & possessions in order to pursue ordination as a Buddhist monastic. I was not a cause or condition for the rot here, nor will I consent to being exploited towards applying endless minuscule band-aids which will continue to fail to ever recognize and alleviate true suffering.

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