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Deferring the motion is ridiculous. Council should vote on the merits of the motion itself, and not on who raised it. As you said, it could be months before it is actually voted on. What does this delay accomplish? This reminds me of all the councillors who had to 'excuse' themselves from participating in discussions and votes on LRT issues because they owned property close to the route. So residents were deprived of having their elected councillors represent them at council. How crazy is that? It seems council can find lots of ways to exclude members from helping to make decisions.

Also, Basic Income Waterloo Region is having a "big event" this month. Check it out:


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What was that olden saying?

Was it 'One privileged persons' entertainment (or democratic-seeming law/rule/regulation/process/procedure) is an oppressed, suffering, struggling persons' insipid waste of time & energy (and eventual demise)'? I wouldn't know. I haven't attended one single day of education as a dark-skinned, non-Christian, anti-casteist student of Buddhadhamma.


P.S. Canadian workplaces are cesspools of bigotry which exist and operate independent of collective understanding & respect of human rights. This entire 40+ Million set of human beings have no system for recognizing damage to humanity, causing individuals to have to re-humanize & (re)educate ourselves, and yet our labor still belongs to those who take their own humanity for granted? Upon closer inspection their humanity is found to be negligible, merely derived from privilege and masqueraded about like an unclothed emperor.

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I don't understand the economics of a "guaranteed livable income". I specifically don't understand how to pay for it. Also a guaranteed livable income means zeroing out immigration to Canada (because there will now be a financial cost for every immigrant). I know that a lot of big businesses are for a "guaranteed livable income" because they want their customers to have more money, not because they will stop trying to find loopholes to pay less taxes. I think that a "guaranteed job" is a better idea from a "paying for it perspective". Big business dislikes the "guaranteed job" idea because they don't want competition from the government.

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