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Who is writing this thing anyway?

Hi there, and welcome! I’m Melissa Bowman.

Nearly 15 years ago, I volunteered to sit on the newly created neighbourhood association in my newly built neighbourhood. Thus began my interest in how neighbourhoods and cities work. I started volunteering on all sorts of city committees and neighbourhood groups and by 2018, I put my name forward to run for Kitchener council (in ward 9). I finished second, but that experience further cemented my interest in city council discussions and decisions. On most Kitchener council nights, you can find me on Twitter, live-tweeting council meetings.

Here, I hope to dive a little deeper into the local issues that interest me such as affordable housing, active transportation, and climate justice.

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Urban issues and local politics (Waterloo Region)


Passionate about...well just about everything! I'm particularly interested in local politics, housing, and active transportation. Co-founder of Waterloo Region Yes In My Backyard.